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​How Will You Design 2018?

Have decided what would make 2018 a great year for you? Or will outer circumstances run the show? Taking the time and energy to artfully design your year is sooooo worth the effort.

Your business – and your life - run by design or default.

Think about that for a minute.

Winston Churchill said, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.”

If you’ve written your goals, good for you! Are you on track? Ahead of the game? Have you shared them with your team? Do you need to make adjustments? The truth is, as entrepreneurs, we’re always making adjustments – not necessarily for the outcome, but for how to get there.

We’re entering the last week of January, but the year is young.

Your first step is to create clarity.

Are your expected results clear or fuzzy? And did you include your personal life?

If your focus is on designing and expanding your business, it’s likely that it’ll take longer than you expect. Will it take time away from your spouse or trips to the gym? Perhaps you’re proud of your clarity with your business, but haven’t prepared for the impact on your family or health.

Maybe you’re focused on your exit strategy, but haven’t thought through the impact of your non-working hours on key relationships.

Chances are, you’re not starting or stopping your business. Instead, you’re taking care of clients, employees, inventory and so on, but markets change. Innovative and successful, you may rely on your ability to shift when the need arises, skipping the investment of time, resources and creativity required to craft a clear vision. Is your vision still vibrant? Does it spark your enthusiasm?

You need not only a clear vision, but a clear understanding of your WHY.

Why are you doing what you’re doing? If your answer is, “To make money,” it’s not enough for the long haul. Does your WHY energize you? Does it match your talent, personality and sense of purpose? Do you greet most days with enthusiasm, inspired by your day to day activities? If the answer is, “No,” it’s time to clarify your WHY. Whether it takes a few tweaks or a genuine overhaul, being inspired by your day to day activities, the results you’re creating and WHY it’s important changes the quality of your life and what you’re able to accomplish in your business.

A year ago, Ryan was headed for burnout.

He started his career running errands in his father’s construction company, and he worked his way up to running the business - only to “lose it all” during the Great Recession. His father retired. Ryan started a new business. He didn’t realize how much he needed to retool his skills, or that his new skills would bring him so far out of his “zone of genius.” You see, Ryan is great at sizing up new projects, putting together deals and managing people to great results, but his new business required him to focus on details and build an infrastructure. What made him successful in his father’s significantly larger construction company, wasn’t sufficient to build a successful startup. Soon Ryan was taking business inconsistent with his brand – to pay the bills. Even with a seasoned team, he worked crazy long hours. He struggled for years, and over time, he was no longer inspired by building homes.

He hired me to help him “Go BIG Without Burnout.”

First, we identified his area of genius and WHY he enjoys construction. Next, we crafted a clear vision for both his business and his life. With a solid WHY and WHAT, we shifted our attention to WHO.

Inspired by his vision, he identified the actions with the most impact and got to work.

He gave his team a pep talk, provided training and made some staff changes. He hired a field supervisor who was more independent. He made sure that his new hires had skills that complemented his own. He struggled less. In a couple months, revenues increased sufficiently to upgrade the technology in his office. Now he could consolidate critical areas in his business and make a quantum leap in how he communicated with staff, clients and vendors. His new Office Manager thrives on computer technology and is helping him build his business infrastructure.

During the last four months, Ryan completed several projects. The new projects he’s taking on go through a filter, so they’re consistent with his brand. In another 90 days, his new computer system will be fully functioning. Even now, significantly more of his daily activities are in his zone of genius. His monthly revenue continues to climb. He has more time with his family, works out at the gym four days a week and smiles more.

For the first time in a long time, he’s excited about his business.

Are you confident in the design for your business and the outcomes you’ll create? When you reach December 31st and look back on 2018, will you be delighted by the choices you made?

You need a SOLID “YES” to that.

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