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Whether there are two or twenty-two, turkey or tofu, Thanksgiving is the day we set aside to give thanks. The first Thanksgiving focused on a bountiful harvest of crops and enough food to sustain the early pilgrims through the Winter. It was simple then. They were establishing a colony and a new way of life. It was about survival. Today our tables may fill to overflowing, but our gratitude encompasses far more than food.

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or service professional, you focus a lot of energy in your business: how well you’re servicing your clients/customers, how your team works together or the completion of a new project. Of course, there’s how well the kids did in school, your relationships, health, vacation and free time.

What will you give thanks for this year? Chances are, you’ll celebrate the same thing the Early Pilgrims did – only in a different form. I’m guessing you’re celebrating growth. We’re designed to create a fuller, freer more abundant version of ourselves. The areas where we made progress are easy to celebrate. And if we navigated a difficult time, we may find ourselves grateful for what we learned and how we responded. Either is growth. What are you grateful for?

Did you start a new business?You may have printed business cards, bought supplies, built a website, designed your marketing, delivered value to your new clients, joined the Chamber and let the business community celebrate your ribbon cutting. Maybe your business is established and you found a better way to serve your clients. You streamlined your processes, hired employees or added a location. Perhaps you’ve grown your business to the point where it nearly “runs itself.”

There are levels to gratitude.

Will you give thanks for the way your business grew you? Each time you encountered a new challenge and found a way to overcome it, you grew – probably in ways you didn’t anticipate.

Is your gratitude list filled with family, health, spirituality, learning, hobby(s), your home, vacation, time with friends, contributions in the community and so on? Are you as intentional growing your life as you are growing your business?

When you count your blessings this Thanksgiving, I hope your list is rich and fulfilling in ALL the ways that are important to you.

If you have a “Someday” goal that’s not done, it probably won’t be on your gratitude list. Chances are, you’d rather not talk about it. Getting it done may be closer than you think. The outer steps are straight forward: Clarify WHAT you want and WHY you want it. Design a strategy and outline steps to get it done. Take action.

But what if it’s hard to clarify, you run out of steam before you take action or there’s just too much to do? How you feel when you get something done is so very different than leaving it on your “Someday List.”

You may be in the position of an athlete who performs way better with a review of the game film and a good coach. It could be that removing a few blocks and getting into action is what it takes to make significant progress, or even get it done. More and more people understand the benefits of a professional coach to act as a guide to help you see what you don’t see, and harness your potential to design a strategy, so you can accelerate your results.

I’d sure like to see you sit at your Thanksgiving table and give thanks that you’re getting the stuff done that was on your “Someday List.”
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