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When Lisa’s recently hired processor accepted a position with one of her competitors and gave her less than a week’s notice, she didn’t react with annoyance as she may have a few months prior. Instead, she thanked Josh for his work and wished him well in his new venture. For most of us, it takes practice to be this calm in the midst of news that delivers a significant impact on our business.

Lisa’s mortgage business was booming, and she and her team were struggling to process the high volume of applications they received each week. Three months ago, Lisa anticipated a Summer surge in her business, so she redirected some of her marketing time and risked money she anticipated earning in July, August and September to hire and train a new processor. Josh became a valuable member of the team and was growing more capable each day. He looked like a good fit. His unexpected resignation would immediately impact Lisa and her business. Even though it meant taking from time she promised to her family, she’d need to work extra hours to fill the gap. Josh’s absence would negatively impact her marketing activities and client care. Now she needed to take the time to hire his replacement. In this market, finding a new team member with the proper licenses could prove difficult. Investing in training to acquire that license requires both time and money. Lisa knew all of this in an instant; nevertheless, she responded calmly. Lisa knows the energy it takes to fret over the things she can’t control. She also knows that in the midst of all the deadline pressures in her business, she needs to stay focused. No doubt, her ability to respond calmly is one of the reasons Lisa’s performance is among the top five in this nationwide mortgage company.

Many of us become upset over less: one of our vendors raises prices by 15%; a dog’s muddy paws land on our white slacks; a team member blows off a meeting; someone cuts us off in traffic. Most of us face a multitude of annoyances with the potential to impact our sense of calmness on any given day. If you feel tired and stressed by the end of the day, chances are you felt annoyed, irritated or angry at some point. Imagine the freedom that comes without the stress.

I’m a business-life coach; not a therapist. And there’s no magic bullet; however, mindset matters.

You and I can develop simple practices to establish a mindset of resilience that provides benefits like: clear thinking, reduced stress and increased performance in both our professional and personal lives.

For example, a practice of following your breath for only ten minutes a day significantly increases your capacity to focus on what YOU want rather than what your environment delivers. A practice of deliberate gratitude produces a cocktail of neurochemicals that help you think more clearly. Setting your intention for a particular outcome activates the part of your brain that “watches” for those opportunities.

Whether you have 10 minutes or 59 minutes to invest each day, the time you set aside for your mindset practice will be returned many times over. You won’t lose time to on unnecessary stress. Because your mindset impacts decisions, relationships and even health, there’s no way to predict the magnitude of these benefits to you.

During the month of September, I’m offering a FREE 21-Day Mindset Mornings Challenge to provide an EASY way to establish, adjust or reinforce your mindset practices.

“Between a stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

~ Viktor Frankl

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