Deborah Olive Coaching

Deborah Olive, founder of Olive Global SOULutions

My career began as a biochemist, and when our product went to market, so did I. I became a sales executive. For 12 years I bridged the world of science and business, excelling in sales in large and small corporations. A turning point occurred when a marketing project brought me to beautiful La Jolla, CA where a near tragic event redirected my life. Someone tried to poison the CEO of our company. I was deeply troubled.I walked the beaches at night, and I worked during the day as I tried to understand why someone would do such a thing. My casual interest in human potential, philosophy and just plain how human beings work–turned into a passion.

Three years later, I left the corporate world to pursue this education, enter the world of non-profits and rise up as a leader. This afforded me the opportunity to speak on many stages and coach thousands of people. I led local organizations and engaged global projects, ultimately partnering with the United Nations, the Jimmy Carter Foundation and graduate students from Harvard University.

My quest into human potential took me from biochemistry to business, from philosophy and spirituality to global enterprises. As a scientist, I was trained to recognize and understand patterns in the natural world. This readily adapts to understanding the Invisible Laws of Success, the keys to human thought and high-level performance.

I am passionate to study and apply these principles in the interest of transformation for the individual, leader, team and enterprise. By cracking the codes of human thought, we’re learning to step outside the box of patterned beliefs and into the genius mind. We’re stretching the boundaries of human potential.

I dedicate my path to the constant and unattainable task of living an authentic, passionate and courageous life, of living life as an adventure and of pursuing both personal freedom and freedom for humankind.

The human mind is magnificent. I love getting my clients to understand the power of their own thoughts, clarify what’s most important to them, overcome the obstacles on their journey and express themselves in their work and in their life in a way that’s fulfilling and meaningful to them and those around them. It’s my passion to unleash your potential!!